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if u think my constant vocal feminism is annoying imagine how annoying the patriarchy is to me

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Interesting look at “Frozen” and some of its themes and how it portrays them.

I don’t want Frozen to be good enough. I’ve spent more than enough words explaining why I think it spits in the face of what we should be thinking of as feminism, and how, like a schoolyard bully, it ennobles itself by mocking its predecessors. I don’t want to think that, when I perhaps have daughters some day, this is what I will be able to take them to see; still less do I want to think that the older, more progressive features will have been deemed irrelevant in favour of the new, Frozen-style model. I applaud the attempt to broaden the range of multi-faceted female characters in animation; I appreciate the intent of having two women in prominent roles instead of the usual one, but I want to see better. And the more effusive praise we heap on a movie that shouldn’t even be good enough, the less likely it is that better will ever happen.”

Started reading it thinking it would be a “Social justice” allegate (and prepared to rage against it) and then it became a list of all the reasons Frozen is just another average Disney movie and not even better than the previous ones. Actually I enjoyed the defense of the classical ones and very specially the prince as a bonus prize thing. An awesome reading. Enjoyed it very very much!

This is a good look at how I felt about the film, my personal rage about character design, cultural appropriation and whitewashing aside. Definitely an interesting read!

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Queen of my heart.


Queen of my heart.

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